Vivian Mak

Director of Creative Design

Born in Hong Kong, Vivian came to Canada when she was 3 years old. With wide-eyed curiosity and desire for self-expression, she grew to love the arts. After experimenting with painting, interior design, and many other types of artistic media, she decided to study photography and media at the University of Guelph-Humber.

During Vivian’s post-secondary studies, she felt as if something was missing, and decided to volunteer at Across U-hub, a non-profit youth organization, to foster new skills. Her first step into youth mentorship and community involvement would develop into her newfound lifelong passion, and it gave her photography skills a more meaningful purpose – to promote awareness for wonderful causes that help others. Alongside with Across U-hub, Vivian continued to take the role of Media Coordinator at Power Unit, directing videos and photos that showcased Night It Up!, Toronto’s largest summer night market which raised over $10,000 for beneficiaries every year.

With the philosophy to always keep an open mind and try everything, Vivian has experience in many different hobbies. Be it tango, martial arts, belly dancing, business ventures, or trying strange culinary dishes, she will continue to learn what the world has to offer.

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