Alice Fu

Director of Events

"Connector Extraordinaire"

[email protected]

Alice is an accomplished entrepreneur and financial services professional with 10 years of experience across multiple disciplines.

She is the Co-Founder and COO of Fu Investments, a Real-Estate Portfolio specializing in Commercial and Residential properties in Toronto.  After finishing a Bachelors of Science at the University of Toronto, she sought International experience through her work as the Program Coordinator for a series of 15 Private Colleges in China. Fully Bi-Lingual, she acted as the liaison between the local colleges and their partners in Europe, Australia and North America. This ensured the integrity of the program for thousands of undergraduate students.

As the Senior Manager for a Technology Consulting Firm, Alice is used to wearing many hats. During her time with the consultancy, she headed up Business Development, Business Analysis, Marketing, IT Support, and Operations.

In her current role as Business Development Manager for OFX, a Global leader in International Payments, she helps SMB’s with their FX needs.  As the Co-Founder of T. Events, she is used to running large-scale events in support of the Arts. Her work helps build a tight-knit global community.

An advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, Alice is also the VP Membership & Recruitment for Asians Without Borders, Marketing Consultant for Ascend Canada, and Head of Strategic Partnerships for Discover Your Personal Brand. In her spare time, she races motorcycles, teaches scuba diving, dances and rock climbs.

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