Amelia Zheng

Director of Leadership & Career Development

"Problem Solver, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Do Gooder"

[email protected]

A former lawyer, technology saleswoman and multilingual with two international law degrees, Amelia generates leads, negotiates contracts worldwide and closes deals.

As a top salesperson in a leading blockchain company, Amelia was a blockchain evangelist and early adopter. Serving as a director for a leading Fintech company now, Amelia helps
SMEs grow their business internationally through foreign exchange hedging and global payment.

Taking the entrepreneurial mission, Amelia started The Guild CN in 2017. The Guild CN provides hardware companies (mainly kickstarter/Indiegogo companies) one stop manufacturing solutions in China.

Since January 2015, Amelia has created and launched NAAAPTO’s MasterMind Program. A peer to peer mentorship program that directly addressed personal and professional challenges using peer-to-peer coaching. More than 5 Cohorts have successfully completed the program, and a lot of lifelong friendships have been nurtured from the authentic experience.

While taking time off from changing the world into a better place, Amelia is a marathon runner, life-long volunteer, Big sister, world traveller, problem solver and do gooder. She credits all her optimism to an enthusiastic pursuit of her dreams reinforcing that...“ If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”- David Bowie

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