Andrew Hing

Director of Community Relations

"The guy who is not afraid to try anything for the first time"

[email protected]

One could say that Andrew loves challenges. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Andrew worked for 10 years in the Mutual Fund sector for such companies as AGF, Spectrum, and Meridian Offshore Funds. He then worked for 11 years in the Retail sector, managing Rogers Wireless locations in the GTA. Feeling the need for change again, Andrew worked in the Events Management sector for the next 7 years. This allowed him to travel to unique locations such as Qatar, UAE, and Bali, where he worked on major sports events, large conferences, and major conventions. His focus currently for the past 4 years has been in the Import/Export sector, where he is a partner in a Dubai/Bali based company. He still continues consulting work in the Events Management sector.

Thus, Andrew has acquired significant work experiences and knowledge in multinational, corporate, and cultural settings. As a member of the leadership team, Andrew hopes that these experiences and knowledge will add to NAAAP Toronto's unique position as 1 of the premier organizations in Canada to represent Asian Canadians, and make their voices heard. This will be his second involvement with NAAAP Toronto, but his first time in taking a leadership role.

When it comes time to relax, Andrew's favorite activity is being a "Foodie". Whether it's spending time in the kitchen cooking new and old recipes, shopping for ingredients, or sampling cuisines from new and known cultures, Andrew's stomach and taste buds are always looking for new adventures. Music, movies, working out, mainly water-based sports, and traveling of course, are also part of his extra-curricular schedule.

“Give a man some fish, he will eat for a few days. Teach a man to fish, he will then eat for a life time”

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