Inthida Ngeth

Senior Vice President

Inthida Ngeth is an accomplished corporate technology executive who brings over 10+ years of experience in strategic planning, business development, marketing, and product development. As an innovative and multi-faceted leader, Inthida is known for bringing to market next generation services and cultivating positive relationships and partnerships that drive synergetic value and business growth.

Throughout her career, Inthida has managed various high performing cross-functional teams, where she has developed an exceptional background in people and leading large-scale projects. This helped hone her distinctive leadership style based on excellent interpersonal communications and a strong bias towards action and results.

Inthida is also a certified Executive Presence Coach and Career Advisor. She is passionate about empowering and developing people to differentiate and accelerate their career success, and understands first hand what it takes to get there. She is a frequent trainer and speaker on topics such as professional presence, career advancement and networking.

In her current role as Vice President of Product at BOSSC, an booming start-up which aims to bring mobile-first cloud-based solutions to growing businesses around the globe, Inthida ‘accidentally’ became an advisor for emerging entrepreneurs seeking real-world guidance and expertise to their problems. Drawing from her diverse experience across disciplines, from business development, strategic planning, to design, implementation and marketing, she has helped companies adapt, innovate and create new value and business models in a rapidly evolving digital economy.  Working alongside business owners, start-ups and big corporate exposed her to a breadth of perspectives and experiences. Inthida handily bridges between them, unlocking potential and creating new opportunities across. She has become known as a builder, connector, and leader of change.

With a passion towards enabling youth in entrepreneurship and developing leadership skills, Inthida is actively involved as a mentor/ business coach as well as speaking at various Canadian universities and is dedicated to guiding and empowering the next generation of leaders. Inthida holds a Bachelor of Science, Science and Business Degree from the University of Waterloo.

A big believer in diversity, Inthida supports many causes aligned to the advancement of women and visible minorities. She is honoured to currently serve as the Senior Vice-President of the North American Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP) in Toronto.


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