For over a century, Asians have overcome obstacles to make significant contributions in both the US and Canada. Their contributions have added tremendously to the success and prosperity of North America.  The annual NAAAP Awards recognizes applicants who meet the following leadership criterias.

  • Notable in the press and achieved success in his/her profession
  • Made a significant contribution to the world-wide community
  • Achievements have positively impacted mainstream, national, and/or international community
  • Achievements align with the vision and mission of NAAAP as well as be a US or Canadian resident

In 2008, NAAAP established the NAAAP100 Awards to recognize exemplary leaders in the Asian community. In 2016, NAAAP launched a parallel program to recognize promising up-and-coming leaders who have made a significant impact through their roles in business, government or nonprofits. In 2019, the first NAAAP Pride award was created to honor an influential leader in the Asian American LGBTQ+ community who has made significant contributions in advancing LGBTQ+ equality.

Anyone may submit a nomination, and self-nominations are permitted. Nominations are reviewed by the NAAAP Awards committee and the NAAAP National Board.  NAAAP Award Honorees are invited guests to the annual Leadership Convention by NAAAP.   For inquiries, please contact Audrey Salick, Director NAAAP Awards Programs: [email protected].

View full program details, past award honourees and to submit an online nomination.