Discover Your Leadership Potential

Have you ever thought about your leadership potential? What about your personal leadership strengths? Discover and build your leadership talents today by joining the dynamic team at NAAAP Toronto.

  • Cultivate your personal and professional potential
  • Contribute and make a difference in the commmunity
  • Meet new people and build contacts
  • Be a voice for the Asian community
  • Interact and get to know your peers across North America
  • Expand your horizons

Develop your leadership potential through experiential learning. You cannot learn leadership from reading a book, sitting in class, or just thinking about it. To be a great leader for yourself, for your career, for your community, you must learn by doing it, and doing it well! As one of the leading Chapters in NAAAP, we are looking for serious and real leaders who have passion and enthusiasm for positive and lasting change.

NAAAP Toronto is entirely operated by committed volunteers dedicated to a achieving a common vision of inspiring leadership, cultivating professional development and fostering workplace diversity.  Actualize the potential within you! Candidates for senior positions and subcommittee committee positions are invited. Volunteers are also welcomed to all committees.

Serving with NAAAP National – An Experience that Spans Canada & the U.S.

NAAAP National is managed by an administration team of officers and directors who serve a variety of roles to grow the influence the organization. Volunteering with NAAAP National will provide an exciting opportunity to participate on national level programs and interact with peers in making a difference that spans across 24 different cities in North America.

Contact us, with a note of interest including your professional bio, at [email protected] to find out about how “We Build Inclusive Leaders!”.