ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource and catalyst towards fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with an organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives.  Sometimes called affinity groups or business resource groups, ERGs are formed based on shared characteristics or interests to foster the development of leadership, increase employee engagement, enhance career development and contribute to personal development in the work environment.  An expanded scope may include environmental advocacy, community service, volunteerism, workplace wellness and diversity recruitment.

The NAAAP Toronto ERG Leadership Council engages and connects Employee Resource Group leaders across companies, industries, demographic and regions to share ideas and practices while learning how to amplify diversity and inclusion. Through high impact and broad based collaboration, the ERG Leadership Council enables participants to maximize effectiveness in creating meaningful ERG business and inclusion outcomes.  Benefit from our programs and support to complement and magnify your organizations’ ERG initiatives to;

  • Broaden outreach into the Pan Asian recruiting & talent pool
  • Connect and network with ERGs across broad business sectors to leverage best practices
  • Access leadership development programming including events, content ideas and speakers
  • Access knowledge sharing and best practices across all NAAAP Chapters
  • Mobilize community collaboration towards a sustainable long term strategy
  • Access a variety of engagement modalities including virtual and live events
  • Encourage mentorship and career advancement
 As ERGs continue to expand and integrate within organizations, there is a growing need for high value resources to guide the development, management, and utilization of ERGs. Connect with the NAAAP ERG Leadership Council so that we can enable you to… “Be the difference you can make in your people, in your company and in the community”.

Contact:  Mike Quan | Director of Corporate Relations | [email protected]

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ERG Leadership Council Members

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  • "Highly engaging especially with cross-pollinating team members amongst different groups"

  • "I’m excited to share these learnings with my team and the diversity council at my organization"

  • "I want to leverage NAAAP as a resource"

  •  "I’ll look at poking holes in existing policies"