Successful Parents in NAAAP (SPIN) is a NAAAP National program with a mission to provide NAAAP members, parents, and parents-to-be with meaningful and culturally relevant resources and opportunities to support their professional and personal lives, and to empower individuals and parents to be effective leaders in their families and communities at-large.

The objectives of SPIN are to:

  • Support children, youth, and families by strengthening intergenerational dynamics and relationships;
  • Promote family-personal-work balance to ensure that NAAAP members are effective in their work and families;
  • Inform local SPIN chapters about evidence-based knowledge and provide advice on human development (such as bicultural identity, psychosocial development, cognition), parenting, fathering, family-work balance, in various social, economical, political, and cultural contexts; and,
  • Network with local and international communities that will enhance the lives of NAAAP families across multiple generations.


SPIN wishes to thank Dr. Susan Chuang, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, for her leadership as NAAAP’s first SPIN program director. NAAAP is currently seeking candidates for its SPIN Advisory Board as well as a new Program Director. If you have a question, idea, or candidate for SPIN director or staff, please email [email protected], NAAAP National Chief Programs Officer.

Recent SPIN Events

  • Philadelphia: As part of its multi-chapter Northeast Leadership Conference (NAAAPNELC) on July 25, 2014, NAAAP Philadelphia organized an interactive panel called “Bridging the Generational Gap: Asian American Families” which was composed of stories and experiences from successful Asian American parents about ways to connect and grow family relationships when facing generational, cultural and communication gaps.
  • Research Triangle Park: RTP leaders helped market and spoke at the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC)’s Student Track at its Annual Conference that took place May 5-6, 2014. RTP chapter also took their families on a second annual Berry Picking day on the farm on June 28, 2014.
  • Toronto: On October 26, 2013, NAAAP Toronto organized a health information session by the world-renowned SickKids Hospital. Dr. Andrew Howard, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Senior researcher, and Associate Professor, talked about how to prevent traumatic brain injuries. He focused on sport and playground issues. For more information, contact Dr. Yan L. Liang BSc, OD | [email protected]g.
  • Philadelphia: On June 8, 2013, NAAAP Philadelphia launched its SPIN program with an annual picnic for a fun day of family activities and networking at Lemon Hill Mansion Picnic. For more information, contact Annie Huynh at [email protected].
  • Research Triangle Park: On June 29, 2013, NAAAP Research Triangle Park hosted a SPIN Family Picnic and Potluck at Pullen Park, Raleigh’s renovated historic park complete with ferris wheel, paddle boats, and small passenger train ride.