NAAAP Toronto is highly engaged with community involvement through three cornerstone approaches: Grass root efforts (Support to charitable causes and volunteering), professional development (Mentorship and career advancement), civic leadership (Broad-based multi-lateral partnerships and collaboration with community associations).

Community Partners

NAAAP Toronto has a long standing commitment to the community driven by a philosophy of giving time, energy and expertise to help build a stronger, more vibrant community that improves quality of life for PanAsian Canadians. This is demonstrated in our partnerships and activities that support civic involvement, corporate good will, the arts, cultural and workplace diversity. Collaboration further extends to bridging gaps in our community and foster relationships with groups across all professional sectors and ethnicities

Affiliate/Community Partner Program

NAAAP Toronto’s Affiliate/Community Partner Program embraces the concept of highly networked communities. Based on a premise that partnering creates opportunity, innovation and deliver value to as many as possible, this program is designed for associations who share a common vision towards inspiring leadership, cultivating professional development, diversity in the workplace and in our community. Extend NAAAP Toronto events and programs to your members today!

Program Benefits Include:

  • Use of the NAAAP Toronto Affiliate logo and official recognition as an affiliate partner for your association
  • Preferred membership rates with full NAAAP membership benefits for your members
  • Receive email communications and latest updates to what’s happening in the Asian community
  • Develop networks with professionals in the business community
  • Have full access to a broad range of volunteer opportunities including service with committees within NAAAP
  • Have full access to NAAAP events/programs across 25 cities Canada and the US
  • Leverage a reciprocal marketing opportunity between our organizations
  • Free participation in the mentorship program
  • Contact us today to explore and create mutual opportunities!