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Retiring Chapter Leadership Team members are selectively inducted into the NAAAP Toronto Service Hall of Fame following a tenure of notable and sustained level of high impact participation. In the best tradition of building leaders, fellow team members and peers were empowered through their involvement and NAAAP was elevated to heights of conspicuous achievement. With gratitude, this alumni group of results oriented professionals?remain part of NAAAP Toronto’s continuing leadership legacy. In addition to being recognized in the NAAAP Toronto Service Hall of Fame, meritoriously selected Chapter Leadership Team Members are also presented with the President’s Excellence Award for an exceptional term of service far surpassing expectations as well as leaving an enduring mark of superior excellence.

Name Position(s) held Years of Service President’s Award of Excellence Recipients
Irene Lee Co-Founder & Executive Vice President 2001-2005

Judy Lim Director of Membership | Vice President of Operations 2002-2005

Anh Vuong Director of Events | Executive Vice President | VP of Special Events 2006-2011

Sandra Lim Director of Mentorship 2004 – 2007

Albert Ho NAAAP National Representative 2005 – 2013

Gregory Chang Treasurer 2002 – 2010

Sherman Kong Director of Professional Development 2009-2010

Siew Ling Chow Director of Creative Design & Web Technology 2008-2011

Natalie Fong-Yee Executive Vice President 2009-2011

Mary Yang Director of Events 2010-2012

Stephanie Zhuang Director of Creative Design 2003-2004  


Vincent Lai Director of Events 2001-2002  


Alice Lee Director of Events 2008-2009  


Andrew Chung Director of Communications 2005-2006  


Sharnelle Kan Director of Marketing 2014-2016