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Welcoming hundreds of attendees, members and delegates attending from across the United States and Canada, the annual NAAAP Convention is an exciting 3 day experience featuring a multitude of dynamic workshops on leadership, professional development, management, entrepreneurship, diversity, Asian lifestyle, and community service.  Additional career advancement event components include an ERG Leadership Summit and Diversity Recruitment Expo with participating top Fortune 500 employers from coast to coast.

Combined with the City X-Perience and ending with the NAAAP Awards Gala, the NAAAP Convention is nothing short of an inspired weekend of connecting and honouring accomplished leaders including recognizing ground breaking programs at NAAAP Chapters across 28 cities in North America with the NAAAP Excellence Awards.

As the marquee event for NAAAP, the annual convention is hosted in a different city every year as an outstanding event program for Asian professionals who are at the beginning, middle or apex of their careers, who are looking to expanding with new connections and who are engaged with all aspects of experiential leadership.

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Reflections of the NAAAP Convention Experience across Chapter cities…

2001 Program Book – New York, NY
2002 Program Book – Boston MA
2003 Program Book – Toronto ON
2004 Program Book – San Francisco CA
2005 Program Book – Chicago IL
2006 Program Book – Seattle WA
2007 Program Book – Atlanta GA
2008 Program Book – Los Angeles CA
2009 Program Book – Denver CO
2010 Program Book – San Francisco CA
2011 Program Book – Boston MA
2012 Program Book – New York NY
2013 Program Book – Toronto ON
2014 Program Book – Anaheim CA
2015 Program Book – Dallas TX
2016 Program Book – Las Vegas NV

Anticipated and upcoming host cities:  2017 Chicago IL and  2018 Atlanta GA