Why Join NAAAP?
 Be the change that you want to see in yourself and in the community

We are Pan Asian & Inclusive
NAAAP Toronto welcomes all ethnicities and professionals from a broad range of industries to connect and build lasting relationships and mutual respect. It’s about you… your lifestyle and aspirations to be a valued part of a community that represents your growth and passion.
High Impact & High Value Content
NAAAP Toronto’s events and programs are designed to empower and cultivate leadership capacity and nurture career advancement.  We hope to have you fully experience our vision and mission with other like-minded professionals who also value peer support, redefining the boundaries of personal potential while building opportunities along the way.
An Ambitious & Driven Profile
Members of NAAAP-Toronto are ambitious, talented Pan Asian and Pan Professionals and entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 to 50 seeking to expand their circle of business, develop contact networks and further their success potential.


Membership Plans


Our Classic Membership level designed to offer high value with a complete package of unique benefits

$75.00 Sign-up and annual renewal $20./year | JOIN NOW (link to SilkStart sign up page)


Our student membership level offers the complete package of unique benefits at an affordable price.

$30.00 Sign-up and annual renewal $20./year | JOIN NOW (link to SilkStart sign up page)

Benefits that Maximize Your Membership Experience

  • No charge or reduced fee access to NAAAP Toronto Signature (Panels & Workshop) Events,
  • Exclusive NAAAP Member rates to special events, sponsored events and NAAAP National and other Chapter events in the United States and Canada,
  • Advance notification and invitations to upcoming events, programs and special offers,
  • Exclusive invitations and access to events and programs only for NAAAP Members,
  • Participation in the NAAAP Member Showcase Program (based on availability) at NAAAP Toronto Power Mixers & Events,
  • Access leadership development Webinars, Mastermind program and community partner events,
  • North American Wide Membership – Membership is recognized at all NAAAP Chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

1 − A member of any NAAAP Chapter is entitled to member status at any other NAAAP Chapter. If you move, your NAAAP membership is transferable and recognized at the destination NAAAP Chapter should there be one in the city.

2 – NAAAP Toronto Membership Benefits are subject to change without notice as we are always looking to improve service and savings for NAAAP members.

Membership Committee Contact:  [email protected]