TORONTO, Feb. 24, 2012 – The National Association of Asian American Professionals of Toronto (NAAAP) has launched a new brand! In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are partaking in the initiative of NAAAP National in creating a new identity that reflects the growth and maturity of our organization.

The new logo includes richer shades of the red and grey to signify the organization’s longevity and strength. An updated, contemporary font and the union of the N-A-A-A-P letters signify our modern connectivity and unity.

In the next few weeks, we will be refreshing our marketing materials, website, and social media networks for upcoming events. The new brand was officially launched to more than 200 members and attendees at multiple events in Toronto.

We’re excited to show off our new look as we continue connecting professionals through networking, career advancement, professional development, and community impact via volunteer work and charitable grants.

Why Rebrand?
There are more than one million non-profit organizations in North America, with 25 national groups having “Asian” in their name. In a marketplace of competing products, services, and ideas, it is essential that NAAAP leaders and members consistently communicate the organization’s goals, what it is and is not, and its benefits to members and sponsors.

Furthermore, as the number of NAAAP chapters and ventures grow, and their programs mature and diversify, NAAAP’s brand and value must be reflected in programs, promotional materials, and our corporate identity.