With over 17 million Asians in America (according to the US Census Bureau) and major Asian populations in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the dearth of Asian-focused publications is a wonder. Of course, there are publications like Hyphen Magazine and Koream who have blazed a trail for us. Jeff Yang, who started the legendary A Magazine now runs the popular Tao Jones blog with the Wall Street Journal. Yet, with such a large and influential demographic, the lack of Asians in media, or Asian media, rather, is astounding. What about nationally-distributed magazines to rival Forbes or Fortune?

Enter ALIST…. with an inaugural Autumn 2012 issue launch with at the recent NAAAP Convention. The exciting first issue features Asian American and Asian Canadian leaders from various backgrounds and industries. In the pipeline awaits our Winter 2012 issue bringing you even more great content.

ALIST Magazine published by a dedicated NAAAP Team is a non-profit quarterly publication focused on bringing mainstream attention and interest to Asian North American leadership and excellence. Issues will be available for free at NAAAP Toronto events.

As a publication initially envisioned and funded by the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), we strive to share compelling stories of Asian North Americans who have succeeded in unique and outstanding ways. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the individuals who have earned a place on the ALIST. Check out the brand new ALIST Website!

Calling all writers! ALIST is looking for candidates to manage columns, starting with our Winter 2012 print issue. Apply now! Also, story ideas for the ALIST Winter 2012 issue is invited. Please email; [email protected] or [email protected].