NAAAP Award of Excellence for Communications 2006
Director of Communications 2005-2006

When I first joined NAAAP Toronto as the Director of Communications, admittedly I was initially skeptical. Could the time and effort I put into this organization impact the Asian community? Could I make a difference in the lives of people who wanted to reach others, or those who wanted to be more involved with their community? Could I inspire people to push their lives in a positive direction both personally and professionally? And of course, could this endeavor help advance my own aspired career and social network?

In short, the answer resoundingly turned out to be yes to all of the above. My experience with NAAAP Toronto is one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Through my contributions with the quarterly newsletter, I’ve pushed community events, issues, and new businesses, and provided tutorials and advice for those with a thirst for learning more in their field. The newsletter was my means to reaching the Toronto Asian community in the positive and supportive manner, which I originally aimed for. In addition, I’ve also developed and attained clients for my work in freelance writing and design and built friendships that I’ll hold with me forever. The directors, contributors, and members of NAAAP Toronto are some of the most gracious and supportive people I’ve ever met, and I will always be grateful for their generosity.

Having now stepped down from my duties with NAAAP Toronto, I can genuinely say I’ve made the difference and developed the contacts that I hoped and desired before I started with the organization.

If you’re flirting with the idea of being a part of NAAAP Toronto and wondering how it can benefit you, I can tell you from experience that there’s no question that you’re participation will not only help you, but the entire Asian community.