Director of Membership 2002-2003
NAAAP Award of Excellence for Membership 2003
Vice President of Operation 2004-2005
Presidents Award of Excellence 2005

I’ve always had the pleasure of working in many student groups and organizations throughout my academic career. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario and Seneca College, I found myself gravitating towards the idea of an association of Asian professionals. It was probably the sense of belonging and understanding that connected me with the rest of the founders of NAAAP.

It didn’t take too long until I joined the NAAAP Board as the Director of Membership. I took the opportunity to learn more about our members and non-members that came together at our monthly events and signature events. I’ve applied my organizational and further developed my analytical skills managing the membership portfolio. NAAAP monthly events provided an opportunity for me to develop my networking skills in an environment amongst peers that I can often relate to. Being a part of NAAAP allowed me to cultivate my leadership skills in a welcoming and comfortable setting amongst my peers, I quickly adapted and moved on to be come the VP of Operations. It was in that role that I was able to motivate and reach out to my fellow peers to engage in an area of need within our organization (i.e. Mentorship, Communications, etc.) NAAAP has been blessed with a pool of talented and giving individuals who came together to devote their time in helping and reaching others.

Attending both the Toronto and Chicago NAAAP National Conventions were amongst the highlights of my NAAAP career. It was an honor to meet successful Asians in all facets of life throughout North America who came together to share their stories of triumphs and hurdles in their professional careers. It was an eye-opening experience to meet the many that have climbed the corporate ladder and their journey to breakthrough the cultural glass ceilings. Their story of perseverance and tolerance which they have embraced has motivated me to reflect in my own career development.

NAAAP has been a positive impact in both my personal and career development, I’ve been fortunate to be under leadership that has taught me many life-skills, including recognizing everyone’s strengths and fostering those talents. NAAAP is an organization that provided a platform for professional development; it acted as a stepping stone for many young professionals engaging in the workforce. NAAAP has truly impacted our community and those who have come on board has definitely strengthened from its leadership.