Director of Creative Design 2003-2004
NAAAP Convention Team 2003

Being a part of the NAAAP Toronto team was a broadening experience. It’s a unique organization that combines professional development with social networking – so you can have a bit of fun while expanding your network. It’s great to be able to meet different people from every area of profession and interest; with such eclectic mix, there’s no telling what type of opportunities may arise.

Another great part of being involved with NAAAP is the connection you establish with local community and the enriched culture it harbours. I was exposed to all kinds of events such as cultural cinema and art exhibits – activities that I would have otherwise not been exposed to. Not to mention, NAAAP also provides information to its members on helpful career development seminars and opportunities that we all need but don’t proactively seek out.

Overall, NAAAP helped me grow personally and professionally by exposing me to a diverse pool of knowledge and people that showed me there’s so much more to learn!