Treasurer 2003-2010
NAAAP Convention Team (2003)
Chapter of the Year Team (2007, 2009, 2010)
President’s Award of Excellence (2010)
Province of Ontario 5 Year Volunteer Service Award (2010)

Being part of NAAAP Toronto for 8 years has been a game changer in my life. I’ve met amazing people not only here in Toronto, but all over North America during the annual conventions. (For anybody who’s enjoyed our events in Toronto, it’s absolutely worth the travel dollars to attend convention – meet celebrities, hear great life tips, and take a city by storm with new friends)!

On top of building a network of friends across the US and Canada, NAAAP made it easy to do things I probably wouldn’t have imagined ever doing. I’ve ran three marathons, walked down a catwalk as a fashion show model, raced through wooded trails on a snowmobile and swallowed noodles whole in an eating contest. Maybe could have done without the last example, but it’s great never knowing what to expect.

NAAAP wasn’t just about fun either. We regularly rolled up our sleeves to raise money for charity and made community events happen like our smash hit 2010 Toronto Waterfront Night Market. Can’t think of a better group to learn about teamwork, speaking up, and stepping up.

Being NAAAP Toronto’s Treasurer helped me early in my career to get a head start on honing skills I use now every day. It’s time to pass on the role and opportunity to people who deserve a chance at all the wonderful experiences I had growing up with NAAAP. I know the incoming Co-Treasurers will do a great job filling in for me. I’m looking forward to seeing NAAAP Toronto continue to grow and make wonderful things happen in our great city.